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Seo Expert In Kannur, Kerala

I’m Thanha Nazrin, an experienced SEO expert in Kannur, Kerala and a dedicated digital marketer. With my expertise as an SEO expert in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), I have a proven track record of assisting businesses in achieving online growth and maximizing their online presence. I have the knowledge and skills to help your business reach new levels of success. Whether you’re a small startup or a large company, I have successfully worked with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds. Trust me, to implement effective strategies and elevate your business’s online presence.

As a professional SEO expert in Kannur, my primary focus lies in optimizing websites to secure higher rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and drive substantial organic traffic. Utilizing advanced techniques and industry best practices, being an SEO expert, I ensure that your online presence is fully optimized for enhanced visibility and increased brand exposure.

I excel in SEO, SEM, web development, and creating engaging landing pages. Being an SEO expert, I specialize in Google Ads campaigns. Employ my services for exceptional quality, results-driven strategies that exceed expectations and cater to startups, businesses, and individuals.

Thanha Nazrin - SEO Expert In Kannur

Areas of Specialization as an SEO Expert

On-Page SEO

On-Page is the main essential in SEO. Improve your online visibility and attract valuable traffic. I prioritize SEO practices endorsed by search engines to enhance your website’s credibility. I create unique and valuable content, optimize your headlines and HTML tags, and utilize high-resolution images. Trust me to optimize your online presence effectively, and it will be done by the SEO strategist.

Keyword Research

At Thrive, I’m an SEO expert who specializes in understanding your unique niche and optimizing your website’s ranking for specific search terms. I carefully evaluate the keywords your website is currently ranking for. I will also consider your preferred keyword preferences and conduct thorough keyword research to curate a comprehensive list that aligns with your website’s goals and the competitive landscape.

Off-Page SEO

Being an SEO expert, I understand the importance of off-page optimization in building brand credibility and online exposure. Partner with me to showcase your industry expertise effectively. Through social media marketing, link building, and influencer collaboration, I’ll generate quality backlinks and positive ratings for your brand. Trust me, your SEO expert, for remarkable online success.


SEO Content Planning

Planning content before implementing is important for your websites & blogs. An SEO consultant plans the content before optimizing for SEO and works on your websites for organic traffic. SEO content planning involves strategically creating and organizing optimized content to target specific keywords and audience search intent. It includes keyword research and on-page SEO optimization, resulting in improved online visibility and organic traffic.

SEO Audit

Conducting an SEO audit involves analyzing the alignment of your web presence with industry best practices. This is the crucial initial step of an SEO expert, the foundation for creating an implementation plan that delivers measurable results. The main objective of the audit is to identify and address any foundational issues that may impact your organic search performance.

Technical SEO

Achieving higher rankings is possible through back-end optimizations on your website, such as improving page speed. By addressing these errors, you create a smoother crawling experience for search engines. The happier you make search engines, the happier your rankings will be. Let your SEO specialist optimize your website, ensuring improved rankings and increased satisfaction.

Top SEO Expert In Kannur “What sets me apart”


I build improvements in website visitors to increase conversions. As an SEO expert in Kerala, I focus on CRO for understanding user behavior, and optimizing web elements.

Marketing Strategist

I Develop and implement strategic marketing plans to help businesses achieve their goals and drive growth.


I am an SEM Specialist who Advertises to increase a Website’s visibility in Search engine results and drive targeted traffic.

Web Development

I specialize in creating and designing user-friendly and visually appealing websites that leave a lasting impression.

Google Ads

I manage google ads campaigns, with helping clients to increase their online visibility and boost conversions for seo ranking purpose.

Email Marketing

Developing email marketing strategies aligned with the client’s goals and target audience. It’s a valuable tool for businesses to engage with their customers.

See How Clients Describe “The SEO Expert In Kannur”

Thanha’s proficiency in digital marketing is truly impressive. She has a good understanding of various marketing and SEO strategies. Her ability to identify the target audience and drive organic traffic is appreciable.

Aslam VR

Freelance Social Media Marketer in Kerala

Being a teammate with Thanha was an insightful experience. She proved expertise in all her elements. She is an SEO expert with all SEO strategies. The procedures she does before committing to each work are also commendable.

Shamlu Thahir

Digital Marketing Manager, Kinza Steel Door

Thanha consistently has strong work attention in her work and Her ability to handle complex tasks easily and effectively sets her apart. Being an SEO expert, She has a good understanding of SEO strategies and other marketing skills.

Hari Krishnan


FAQs that can be asked to an SEO strategist

What is the role of an SEO expert in Digital Marketing ?

SEO in Digital Marketing is to focus on your website’s online presence in search engines like Google. It has various techniques to improve your Businesses through online.

What are the top services I offer as an SEO expert?

 On-Page SEO

1. Title tag optimization

2. Meta tag optimization

3. Headings

4. URL optimization.

5. Image optimization and Alt tags

6. Content optimization

7. Mobile friendliness

8. User experience

9. Page speed optimization

Off-Page SEO

1. Maintaining active social media accounts

2. Having a Google Business profile

3. Implementing a blog on your site

4. Networking with high quality sites

Is an SEO expert required for your Business ?

An SEO expert can help in increasing your online visibility, improve your website’s ranking, and attract more customers. Half of the traffic of your Business comes from organic search. So it’s important to rank your business for search queries that are related to it.

How long does it take for an seo expert to get on the first page of search results using SEO strategies ?

SEO does not make instant results, its a long time process. Usually it may take 6-8 months, but some websites rank faster. It is important to have original contents on your websites to rank.

When an SEO expert optimize my website, will it consistently be at the top ?

SEO requires consistent efforts to maintain a strong presence on search engines. if you are not following up with SEO, your competitors may rank higher and outrank you. But if you focus on SEO consistently by hiring an SEO consultant, you can rank for other new keywords too and it will lead to growth and more customer inquiries. It is not a one-time task.

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